Computer Defind
Types of Computer
Software 2
Build a PC
Health and Safety
Stock Control
Data Base
Systems Life Cycle
IT and Medicien
Control Systems
Data Types
Identity Theft/Loss
Threts to Computers
IT and Crime
Interllectual Property and Copyright
The Role of The IT Professional
IT Trianing
 Sat Systems
 Website Design
About me for ICT
My name is Joe and this is my iGCSE website. In my free time I like to play rugby and do athletics. I play winger for my club rugby and my best events in athletics are 80 hurdles, shot put and long jump. In school my favourite subjects are maths and science and for A level I hope to be able to take maths, chemistry, physics and either biology or PE. When I am older I would like to be a sports person of some sort but if that doesn’t workout I would also like to be a pharmacologist, a pharmacologist is the person who makes the drugs sold in pharmacies. I would like to do this because chemistry interests me a lot and I would like to use my interest to help others get better or even cure a disease.

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